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Founded in December 2020, (THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS INDUSTRIES INC.) T.I.P.I.N.I., we envisioned creating an organization that would help establish new businesses and continue old ones. Through his background in banking, insurance, management and customer service, our CEO has created a business model that will give business owners the partnership that they desire but can't find.

Service offerings include: Insurance, Finance, & Business Consulting, Human Resource & Employee benefits Consulting as well as other professional services. T.I.P.I.N.I. also provides avenues to create networks of other investors and entrepreneurs. 

Our core principle is unity.

So often we have a dream that we want to launch but we don't have the needed guidance and support to be as successful as we'd like. With T.I.P.I.N.I., you will receive the strength in numbers needed to make the impact that you were created to make.

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